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Car Photos and Review with Car Connection

November 10, 2009 |

On 2010, Mitsubishi will launch a new Mitsubishi Evolution for customer and car entusiast. The new look of Mitsubishi Evolution certainly elegant. You may see Mitsubishi Evolution Photos. Ride and handling performance is great but the acceleration is a bit slower than expected. A slightly delay with initial acceleration. We can say this Mitsubishi Evolution as a great price for car (economic), comfort and safety.

Another excellent reviews from car connection is BMW 6 Series M6. On 2010, BMW also will launch a new BMW 6 Series M6. You may see all the vehicle features both inside and outside, by watching a slideshow of the interior, exterior and dashboard highlights from BMW at BMW 6 Series M6 Pics. BMW 6 Series M6 will remain an exclusive and dramatic high-performance car for uncompromising customers.

Volvo also launch a new car on 2010 for Volvo V70. See all feature for both inside and outside interior from Volvo V70 at Volvo V70 Photos. You will see new design from Volvo V70. The V70 has become progressively added beautiful and comfortable through the years, while advancement its above acceptability for safety. Featuring the burden allowance of an SUV forth with the defended administration and (until recently) the ammunition abridgement of a sedan, the Volvo V70 has consistently had a lot to action for families who could allow the somewhat abrupt amount of entry.