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the final countdown

December 31, 2008 |

Oh! Not was felt several hours again we will pass in 2008. Ahh.. if wanting the flashback in 2008, so many happiness and the sadness that have been experienced by me. And apparently the happiness and my sadness in the balanced position. Yahh.. Could be counted fifty-fifty. The beginning of this year was not so good,, several matters made me disappointed and sad,, in the middle of the year i found the happiness, because I was received in the Bank Company (Danamon), two months after that, I passed the test became the official. But,, after 3 months, I decided to leave the company because of having several matters that I was not of the same opinion and felt not comfortable worked there.. but evidently mom and dad really extremely disappointed because I was so fast took the decision.

However, on 24 desember'08, I was received to work again in the bank, the position that they offered to me as good as the salary that they give to me. I will try to walk it by my self, and hoped will not ignore this opportunity and tried to remain. Tomorrow already 2009.. hufff,, what will happen later? What will be experienced by me? Anything that, I hoped i find the happiness more rather than the sadness, if i could, there's not sadness in my life. Although having the barrier, I hope that's not too important, and I could face it maturely. I WISH I'LL BE BETTER IN 2009.