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watta life!

January 01, 2009 |

this day the first day in the year 2009. but I do not have change. hahaha .. of course, this new beginning! but why is the chart of my life does not increase at all? whether I will stay like this for so? of course I want a more colorful life. I live but does not feel alive! wow, how can? yeah .. honestly, last year I felt so alone. I have friends, but they're all busy with their affairs. huff.. watta life!

Oya, at least today I make a progress. yeah .. not so extraordinary, but enough to make me feel to be 'female' and 20% ready to become a 'wife' bwahaha ...!! finally, I can make a 'pancake'! so proud of it! of course! because I am not very reliable in terms of cooking. can make a pancake is enough to make me happy half dead! haiahiaia .. truly moronic! pssstt .. actually my sister teaches me how to make a pancake .. hihi .. make a pancake that is very easy to do, rite? I realize.. if only I knew from the first .. every day I certainly will use pancake for my breakfast.. haha!! oh pancake.. ;p

tuesday ago, I also had felt happy, because when I leave the office, my bf came to picking me up, and I think we just want to go home immediately .. but he appeared to invite me to go to cinema. with a little surprised, I agree.. and we also go to the cinema that is not far from my office. we arrived at 18.30 pm. fortunately there is a new film will start running (transporter 3). we are rushing to buy tickets and buy some snacks and beverages. although 15 minutes late, but I really enjoy the movie. very very cool movie! car racing action also cool! cool cool cool! but unfortunately .. movie played only 1.5 hours! dats not enough! I want more! hehe..

well, dats all folks! I want to rest and prepare financial plan that I have designed for this year. GOOD NITE!